While being based on the Gold Coast, we have a large area that we service. In recent months we have been up to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast and down to Cabarita in Northern NSW.

Most of our works involves luxury homes in what is considered the prestige areas of the Gold Coast. These area;s include, Isle of Capri, Mermaid Beach, Paradise Waters, Runway Bay, Ephraim Island, The Sovereign Islands, Sanctuary Cove, and Hope Island.

These works include C-Bus (Cbus) and Audio Visual or Hifi installation and repairs. Many of these homes are getting a few years older or changing hands, so upgrades to new products is very popular as well. The most popular of these being the DLT switch and touchscreen upgrades. Programming upgrades usually revolve around new “scenes” programmed into the existing system.

One of the great things that Clipsal has done, is to make all current C-Bus products backwards compatible. This means that a house that has a 15 year old system can have any of the current crop on new products installed straight onto the Cbus network.

If you need advice on your existing C-Bus system or interested in the range of products available for upgrade then please contact us.

Connect Power & Cabling - 0411 224 449