From 2014 to 2016, we were contracted by John Scates electrical to design and supply a C-Bus lighting layout in conjunction with the councils electrical engineers.

One of the prime goals of the project was to make the offices energy efficient in regard to their lighting system. Many C-Bus PIR sensor were used to make sure lighting was only “on” in offices that people were working in. Also “light harvesting” was used with dimmable fluorescent troffer fittings. This allowed lights to dim down in large office floor spaces as the sun shifted and sunlight through windows required less lighting to be on.

Areas and offices were also put on schedules so that lights would not be left on accidentally when offices were empty at night but were able to be over ridden via the sensors if someone came into the area. These then timed out when rooms areas or rooms were vacated.

Three buildings for the council were re fitted this way. Scates electrical completed the actually wiring works while Connect Power & Cabling supplied, pre -programmed and commissioned the C-bus system.

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