So, is it only pool pumps that are eligible for being on Tariff33? No there is much more than just pools allowed. Of course hot waters systems have always been allowed on Tariff33 but there so much more.

Basically any appliance can be put onto Tariff 33 as long as it is hard wired. Pools are an exception to this and can have a socket outlet. Items we have connected onto Tariff 33 are dishwashers, washing machines, 2nd fridges, freezers, air conditioners, clothes dryers, septic sewerage pump systems, booster elements, solar hot water elements.

As well as being hard wired, times will most often need their own circuit but it is possible to have several appliances on a circuit as long as that circuits cable and circuit protection and not comprimised or overloaded. The more items you can connect, the greater the saving. We can often drop the pool tariff33 circuit into the laundry and pick up those appliances along the way.

If you liked to bake you could even have second oven on T33. Remember again that it is usually turned off around 5 till 9pm- but it is at Energex’s discretion.

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