Well there has been a rush on since Energex started advertising the fact that they are offering a $250 rebate for people who connect their pool pumps onto tariff 33. Tariff33 runs at around 30% cheaper than the normal tariff 11 and is available for a minimum of 18 hours a day. Usually it is off between 5pm and 9 pm.

One of the other sticking points of T33 pool has been changed. You used to have to have your chlorinator hard wired but now you are allowed to install a t33 powerpoint for connection of you pool equipment. This used to put off alot of people who were worried about servicing of their pool equipment and having to call an electrician out each time to disconnect and reconnect the hard wiring.

One other issue that people are not aware of is that their pool chlorinator timeclock will go out of sync as power drops out each day. This can be rectified with a battery backup timeclock installed in the meterbox or at the pool equipment.

T33 pool has to be connected on a dedicated circuit back to the switchboard and supplied by a Safety switch circuit breaker or RCBO. This can be the most labour intensive part of a change over. If you are lucky, your pool may be already on seperate circuit and you can avoid this extra step.

Once work is done by your electrician they will submit a form2 for Energex to come out and connect the new metering.

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