We often have people interested in rewiring existing homes for C-Bus. I myself have had to do this for two houses I have owned and it both cases they were both two storey homes. Two storey homes bring their own set of difficulties. What is amazing though is that as you get into the job you often seem to find some way of getting your wires or cables into where you want – but not always unfortunately.

The largest house we have re-wired for C-Bus was over 1000 sqm, concrete suspended slab and two levels of 3m ceilings plus voids. The client lived in England and the house was in Brisbane. We re-wired the whole house for C-Bus without ever meeting each other in person. All discussions were done via email and a few phone calls. We also updated the AV in the home which included distributed music and upgraded home theatre room. One other thing we were proud of was that not one extra hole needed to be created for access. Thankfully many downlights and existing speakers already installed gave us extra access through the ceiling spaces.

Above is a picture of the front of the home in question.

So don’ t think it is impossible if you want automation and have an existing home. Clipsal C Bus have wireless products as well as wired which can assist in the job and challenge that lies ahead. Our first option is always to try to get wired products in place but the wireless products can be very handy in areas we no access is available.

Clipsal C-Bus even have a wireless battery operated switch so you can have a switch on the wall where there are no wires at all.

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