Clipsal have now released a new MK2 model Wiser. The new Wiser is much more straight forward to set up and sits on your network like any other network device. No longer do you have to decide to use its router or wireless capabilities or consider upsetting your clients existing network and devices.

Along with the new Wiser comes a new Wiser app which gives an updated look and functionality. Quoting Clipsal , the state the following about the the new Wiser –

Key Features
  • Wired Ethernet or wireless client (Wi-Fi) connection to home network
  • Supports applications including lighting, climate, blinds/curtains, measurement, multi-room audio and security
  • A physical port connects directly to a C-Bus network with dual internal C-Bus connections
  • New User Interface (UI)
  • Includes preconfigured UIs for consistent appearance on all supported devices
  • Includes preconfigured widgets to provide consistent graphical components across all interfaces
  • UI can be viewed in a web browser (Flash must be supported), on an iOS device, on an Android device
  • Supports control on HDMI connected display device using the device’s own hand-held remote control
  • Supports a dynamic (DHCP) or fixed IP address configuration
  • Supports many popular Dynamic DNS services
  • Supports network time protocol (NTP) for accurate time and date retrieval from the Internet
  • Includes on-board C-Bus Ripple server for use with C-Bus Multi-Room Audio solution (configuration of C-Bus Ripple library and playlist is possible from iOS app only)”
  • Includes a 10-year Lithium battery backup for the Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Powered by 24Vd.c. power supply (supplied) or by Power over Ethernet (PoE)
One of the greatest features we have noticed, and appreciated, is the much improved compatibility with recent apple devices. Since the iOS8 upgrade, the previous Wiser would sometimes “lock Up” and require resetting. Sometimes you could not log in at all depending on how large the programme or ho many widgets you were using. All this has gone even when using the latest iOS9 updates. The stability and remote access to the new Wiser MK2 is excellent. As far as a remote access device for your CBus home automation, the new Wiser is an excellent addition and a sensible upgrade if you still have the original Wiser especially when controlling from the latest iOS.
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