Lighting Specialist – Feature Lighting

At we have a separate trading entity for our lighting supply. We do this via our trading name Feature Lighting.

Feature Lighting was first formed in 1990 with a small shcwroom at Nerang on the Gold Coast. Now it services mainly our electrical customers and specialised projects we become involved in.

With our C-Bus home automation system, lighting forms a very crucial part in how the end project will look at feel. “Scenes” created with the C-Bus system need dimming and ambiance to create the correct “mood”.

A house lit up correctly will look better at night than in the daytime with just sunlight flooding in from everywhere.

We believe in discrete, low glare “feature lighting” for your home – the light fittings need not be the main focal point but instead the “features” of your home should be.

Today with energy efficiency regualtions and concerns, correct lighting design is very important especially when choosing LED fittings and lamps.

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