Clipsal once again has tried to help with the solution of dimming LED lamps/fittings. In our blog last night we I discussed the different types of dimming in domestic installations and that it is not always straight forward.

This time I want to mention a handy little device Clipsal has made to help solve some of the issues that we come across. It is the 31LCDA and is a load correction device for improved dimming. One of the issues with LED and CFL lamps is that they are electronic and there really isn’t much of a “load” or resistance in the circuit. This device is designed to be used with phase control dimmers that generally appear in domestic installations. C-Bus installations may also benefit from these device used with C-Bus dimmer channels.

The features and benefits according to Clipsal are –

“-Stable dimming control with improved dimming performance and load stability across a wide range.

-Specifically designed for use with Clipsal 2 wire dimmers that use phase controlled dimming technology ( LE,TE or Universal)

– Ensures off-state, reduces flicker or dim glow when load is turned off

– Lowers minimum load constraints, enchanced compatibility with low powered dimmable LED or CFL”

To learn more, here is a link to a Clipsal PDF on the 31LCDA

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