Want to control your home lighting,power, security, TV etc from your phone when sitting in your lounge or what about when you are not there at all? With a smart phone and intelligent home control systems, like C-Bus and Wiser, this is all possible.

Clipsal CBus has a product called WISER which is basically a wifi router connected to your Cbus network. With some programming a static IP and a free app, it will allow you to control items that are on your C-Bus system.

Coming home from an overseas trip in the middle of summer? Turn on the air conditioning from the airport so the house is cool when you get home. Out longer than expected? Turn on a “scene” or individual outside lights and inside lights to give your home a looked in feel. Alarm system accidentally triggered? Turn off and reset via your phone. This can all be done with CBus and Wiser.

What products can do this? An Iphone, Android phone, iPad, tablet or home or work PC. If you can log into your home you can control it via Cbus and Wiser.
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