On the Gold Coast we have many electricians who claim to be home automation experts. When we start calling them or looking into their businesses more closely, we find that many just add these words because it is “cool”, ”trendy” and the “newest thing” in electrical.
Some people have only done one job and call themselves experts. Others may have helped or wired for an automation subcontractor and believe they can do it themselves now. Don’t get me wrong, not all have done this. We have worked with several electrical firms as partners or subcontractors on projects and a few have gone away and done become good installers in their own rights. Others have been happy to leave this work to us and build on a positive relationship. Some firms bring in a home automation integrator but credit their jobs to themselves and not their associate that they have brought in. They call themselves “specialist” but the automation works are done by a totally separate entity.

Some automation specialist are not even electricians and don’t have an electrical background at all. By rights they cannot touch or disconnect the 240volt side of home automation systems and need to bring in an electrician to assist them in this. They may be an AV company, security specialist or electrical engineer, if you repairs require an electrical component as well you may end up paying for extra tradesman to be there.

On the Gold Coast and Northern NSW, make sure the Home Automation Integrator you have brought in has the experience and expertise that they say they have. Ask for their past jobs and the extent of their experience. On their laptop they should be able to open there respective software packages and show you a database of jobs they have been to.

Clipsal also have Approved Installers as well as their Point One Integrators. All approved installers have done a C-Bus course but in may be many months between jobs. All Point One companies must have an approved installer on board. With this credential they should be able to offer you a double warranty as well. Point One integrators are at Clipsals highest level for domestic C-Bus installations and service.

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