Just like your car and other electrical appliances, Cbus may sometimes break down. One thing to be aware of if this happens is that many Cbus programmers are not electricians and there are limitations of what they can do for you in repairing your Cbus home automation system. I know on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and northern rivers area where quite a few of these Cbus “specialist”, then need to have a licensed electrician on hand to assist with repairs and fault finding.

The other thing that can happen is an electrician who does a bit of Cbus every now and then but really have no idea of the faults that can occur and procedures in isolating them.

At Connect Power and Cabling, we are licensed electricians and contractors as well as being very experienced at Cbus installations, programming and fault finding. We are doing Cbus every week. I have been a licensed electrician since 1982 after an apprenticeship that started in 1978. My first Cbus installation was in 1996. We have been on the Gold Coast in our own electrical business since 1987. We are not a “fly by night operator”. We have another electrician on staff who has worked for me for 17 years and is a very advanced CBus programmer as well as being a licensed electrician.

CBus is a product that was developed by Clipsal and then Clipsal was later sold to the world wide Schneider Electrical Group. Clipsal and Schneider have continually been upgrading and working on the C-bus product and has a programme in place so that people know they are dealing with accredited professionals. Connect Power and Cabling are at the top level of Cbus installers and programmers being both originally a Point One integrator and now part of Schneider’s world wide Ecoxpert programme. We are classed as a Ecoxpert, Lighting and Room control.

Connect Power and Cabling have been at this top level for since 2002. During those years there have been additional courses and training classes for advanced programming. Also as new products are released, new training becomes available. That is 17 years at Clipsals top level of Cbus installer and programmer.

The first commercial approved Cbus building in Queensland was the Vogue highrise in Broadbeach which we did the Cbus design and integration on in 2003.

Other notable projects are three recent office towers refitted with CBus for the relocation of Gold Coast City Council staff. Also for the last 9 years a large commercial nursery in the Hinterland which is all totally controlled and operated via Clipsal C-Bus. This includes plant growing, humidity, ventilation, temperature, irrigation, pumps and warning system being controled and activated via CBus.

Repairs on Cbus mean dealing with electrical wiring. Cbus’s main relay and dimmer modules are products connected in conjunction with 240v cabling. As such, a licensed electrician is required for any disconnecting and reconnecting of the 240v wiring. That electrician should also be a licensed electrical contractor.

Cbus can be expensive to repair and replace parts on. People who have bought existing homes with Cbus can be shocked by the price of modules when they never purchased them in the first place. Having wide experience in Cbus repairs, means not using guess work to decide what the issue may be. There is no need to replace parts that have not failed. Cbus is not a serviceable product almost all cases. Replacements parts are the normal way to fix an issue.

We do get called to many jobs however where Cbus has been blamed as being the fault but its actually just a normal electrical problem that could have been fixed by an electrician in the first place.

If you are looking for repairs for your Cbus system on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Kingscliff, Byron Bay or surrounds, make sure you please consider using Connect Power and Cabling who are experienced electricians and technicians in Cbus repairs, programming and fault finding.

Richard Cooke

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