Many people are not aware of the great Cbus Multi Room Audio System(in house its called MRA). This system is a perfect complement with your lighting control. Light switches can become and volume and source control as well. Touchscreens can become the central control point.

The system is also multi room, multi source. This means that people in different areas can be listening to different things. A source can be a radio station, Ipod or MTV on PAYV. Speaking of radio, the main Matrix switcher, comes complete with 2 radio tuners and an option for streaming internet radio + inputs for your own sources.

Each zone ( room that has speakers), has its own amplifier and this can be located in the room or in any other location. There is even a desktop amp that allows you to input a local source like audio from your TV or your iphone. This system is seriously cool stuff and matched with quality ceiling speakers sound absolutely fantastic. We usually match it with midrange Sonance speakers and every client has been more than happy with it.

So if you are thinking about home automation, multi room audio can add a key ingredient to it. There really is something enjoyable about listening to your favorite music being played throughout your home at consistent volume. Also the fact that you can control it locally and centrally around the home.

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