Clipsal/Schneider has finally made available its new switch known as the eDLT. It carries on from the original DLT which stood for Dynamic Labelling Technology. This was a 5 button switch which was actually an 8 button switch as the 5th button created a 2nd page for the first 4 buttons.

The DLT switch was the first of its kind to show labels or names next to each button that could be changed or updated with the C-Bus programming software. No more guessing which button did what and no need to get our a labeller. It also was a great addition to the Cbus Multi room audio system or MRA, for volume control and source selection. It actually even harnessed the extra power of the MRA unit and gave extra control options of your Multi Room Music system.

The new eDLT is an even greater leap over the old DLT switch. Graphics and text are incredibly clear. All buttons have the ability to “toggle” so the same button can be “rocked” back and forth to say dim a light up or down or turn volume up or down. It also is capable of showing time and temperature, can have different back ground colours as well as a choice of LED indication colours.

One other big difference is that now you can control 16 devices or loads spread over 4 pages not just 2. Also the first page can be locked so it can be just a very smart 5 button switch.

These switches are very popular and currently in limited supply.

They come in a variety of finishes plus also background colours. Changes to the screen “feel” can be made by the customer on site. There is also a USB port so the switch can have firmware upgrades down the track. The switch has a proximity sensors that changes it from say its standbye state showing the time to a ready to go switch or control device.

We have included a video of the eDLT switch so you can see just how smart this switch is.

Connect Power & Cabling can supply the eDLT to Gold Coast residents with existing C-Bus systems or incorporate them into new project. Please contact us for more details.

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