We recently just finished a job in Brisbane with one of our long time associates Excite Energies owned by Chris Gleeson and managed by Brett Thiedeke.

The large training room space has Pierlite LED fittings which are dimmed and controlled by combination C-Bus 5085 DL, switches in Horizon black and as a central point of control, a C-Bus Spectrum colour touchscreen also in Horizon black.

Rows of downlights in the main training room are switched in banks to allow for presentation from a speaker or overhead AV projector. “Scenes” are programmed which allow different modes or scenario’s where the groups of lights come on as a whole but at different levels. Dimming is done with Clipsal Cbus L5504D2U range of dimmers. Features of these dimmers are loads of up to 2.5 amps per channel, universal dimming for both leading and trailing edge loads, and unlike the original C-Bus range of dimmers, these do not require the same phase on the control side as the channel side.

Connect Power and Cabling was able to supply Chris Gleeson with C-Bus components directly as we are Clipsal Schneider Partners and part of Clipsals Point One Integration team. Chris was able to install the components and it only required a few hours work to programme and commission the C-Bus one site. One great feature that allows this to be done easily is the ability of C-Bus dimmer and relay modules having over-ride buttons on the front faces that allows for loads to be switched manually without programming. This also acts as a back up if the C-Bus network was to go down temporarily that lighting can be still turned manually.

If you are after C-Bus work in Brisbane and would like us to discuss how we can work with you whether you are an electrician, builder designer or home owner, please contact us by email or phone.

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