We recently had another opportunity to do a refit of large steeped seating school lecture theatre.

Our job involved supplying a new projector and relocating it, new lectern with touchscreen control, new input plates, upgrading to HDMI, new PA and presentation amplifiers, interfacing with existing Dynalite system.

The initial main challenge was the existing cabling and the height of the ceiling.with new challenges eventuating along the way. Initially the new lectern was to be against the main equipment cupboard but this later became an island and was not against any walll. Cabling had to be achieved via existing floor pits that were already full of cables.

With a 8m high ceiling, mounting and relocating the new projector was always going to be slow but once a portable scaffold was erected and moved around a few times all was good. New cabling was also needed to the projector for the HDMI input from the scaler and source plate.

This theatre is frequented by many visiting speakers so the touchscreen interface had to me simple to read and understand. We used the new RTI KX touchscreen for this which is a capacitive type screen with excellent graphics. It is much like an Ipad mounted in the lectern. From day one people l instantly were up to speed and easily controlling the equipment – good programming and set out involved in this as well!

After initially mounting the projector we were asked to move it again due to the very steep angle of the seating and aesthitics in the room. For this a new lense also had to be sourced as we were getting closer to the screen and still had to fill its large 165inchs. One of the great features of the Panasonic projector is the choice of lenses and also the great calculator that is available for testing your set up.

Overall the job went great and the client, a Gold Coast private school, greatly appreciated the on-site customisation of the system and our flexibility and desire to fit in with their needs on site.
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